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The Belgian Journal of Zoologyis a diamond open access journal publishing high-quality research papers in English that are original, of broad interest and hypothesis-driven. Manuscripts on all aspects of zoology are considered, including anatomy, behaviour, developmental biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, genomics and physiology. The Belgian Journal of Zoology also welcomes reviews, especially from complex or poorly understood research fields in zoology. The Belgian Journal of Zoology does no longer publish purely taxonomic papers. Surveys and reports on novel or invasive animal species for Belgium are considered only if sufficient new biological or biogeographic information is included.

All published papers and short notes in the Belgian Journal of Zoology are made available through this journal website. All manuscripts (including short notes) are peer reviewed by at least two referees and should be sent electronically to the editorial office at Please always check the Author Guidelines and scope before submitting. The Belgian Journal of Zoology is published online only from 2017 onwards in one volume with 2 issues. A print-on-demand version can be purchased from the editorial office.

The archive of the Belgian Journal of Zoology is available as PDF files from (2014-2016) and from (1999-2015). Issues before 1999 are available in paper format at the library of RBINS.

Registration is not required to access the content. If you wish to receive notifications of new publications, please mail to Be sure to provide your name, first name, affiliation or address and your mail address.

Manuscripts on veterinary topics or human medicine are outside of the journal’s scope.

BJZ a Diamond Open Access Journal

It is our pleasure to announce that the Belgian Journal of Zoology is now a Diamond Open Access Journal. This means that all publication charges are now cancelled, both for authors and readers. As co-publishers, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) and the Royal Belgian Zoological Society (RBZS) are thrilled that the Belgian Journal of Zoology has adopted this highest level of open access in the year in which we are also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the journal!


BJZ is now a PCi friendly journal

The non-profit organization “Peer Community in…” promotes scientific knowledge by reviewing and recommending unpublished scientific articles free of charge based on peer reviews ( There are currently 15 PCis, including PCi Zoology (

Being a PCi-friendly journal means that manuscripts, which are recommended by PCi Zoology (or for example PCi Evolution or PCi Ecology) will be immediately accepted for publication in the BJZ without additional peer reviewing. Only small format changes will be required prior to publication.


Cybersecurity and submissions to BJZ

Submissions to the BJZ are only possible via email to For reasons of cybersecurity, each submission needs to be accompanied by a cover letter in the email itself including title, as well as all author names and addresses and a short description of the manuscript’s content and relevance. Manuscript texts can be submitted with the extensions .docx, .xlx or .pdf only; all other extensions, referrals to links of cloud sites or zipped files will be rejected automatically. Submissions failing to comply with these requirements will no longer be considered. We believe that these measures have become necessary and will contribute to a safer cyber environment for the journal and all its authors, editors and readers.

It is also possible to submit a preprint to PCi Zoology and get it recommended. For details, please see and

Copyright statement

All published papers will be put on-line as high resolution PDF’s. Copyright thus remains with the authors. All manuscripts will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines can be found on the About page under Submissions. Please apply them carefully.



PDF/A for the Belgian Journal of Zoology


Accepted manuscripts are momentarily published as a freely downloadable pdf only, but from now on will also be available as a pdf/a, which is a pdf for long-term archival purposes. This version will also be freely downloadable, and can be used for distribution among peers and other interested parties.

Posted: 2022-10-18

Belgian Journal of Zoology supports the Biodiversity crisis campaign


The Belgian Journal of Zoology joins the national campaign launched on May 22nd by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences which will be continued and amplified this coming year. It is a campaign informing Belgian citizens about the Biodiversity crisis (following the 2019 IPBES global report) and there are already almost 50 Belgian organisations being part of it, including the Flemish and Wallonian regional and the federal administrations, most federal institutions of research, universities, and dozens of NGOs.

In practice, a "kit" in French and Dutch have been developed, including a film and logos, which list of tools is attached. The link to the tools of the kit is here:

There is also a website in two langages for proposing multiple-scale solutions for protecting the biodiversity:

Posted: 2020-08-31
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Vol 153 (2023)

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Jeffrey Jacobs, Natalie Beenaerts, Tom Artois
Koen Martens, Michael Shribak, Irina Arkhipova, Isa Schön
Jarosław Wiącek
Emma Gairin, Lana Minier, Thomas Claverie, Charlotte R. Dromard, Tehani Maueau, Antoine Collin, Bruno Frédérich, Frédéric Bertucci, David Lecchini
Vincent Vermeylen, Barbara De Kegel, Tania De Wolf, Dominique Adriaens