Belgian Journal of Zoology

Belgian Journal of Zoology

The Belgian Journal of Zoology is an open access journal publishing high-quality research papers in English that are original, of broad interest and hypothesis-driven. Manuscripts on all aspects of zoology are considered, including anatomy, behaviour, developmental biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, genomics and physiology. Manuscripts on veterinary topics are outside of the journal’s scope. The Belgian Journal of Zoology also welcomes reviews, especially from complex or poorly understood research fields in zoology. The Belgian Journal of Zoology does no longer publish purely taxonomic papers. Surveys and reports on novel or invasive animal species for Belgium are considered only if sufficient new biological or biogeographic information is included.

All published papers and short notes in the Belgian Journal of Zoology are made available through this journal website. All manuscripts (including short notes) are peer reviewed by at least two referees and should be sent electronically to the editorial office at Please always check the Author Guidelines before submitting. The Belgian Journal of Zoology is published online only from 2017 onwards in one volume with 2 issues. A print-on-demand version can be purchased from the editorial office.

The archive of the Belgian Journal of Zoology is available as PDF files from (2014-2016) and from (1999-2015). Issues before 1999 are available in paper format at the library of RBINS.

Registration is not required to access the content. If you wish to receive notifications of new publications, please mail to Be sure to provide your name, first name, affiliation or address and your mail address.


Author page charge

Non-members or non-RBINS authors are required to pay an author page charge per published page of 25 € from 1 January 2018 onwards. Members of the RBZS and staff of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences will profit of 10 pages free of charge. Authors must be members on the date of manuscript submission. Page charges are needed to cover editing cost of manuscripts.

Submissions to BJZ

Online submissions are not possible, please submit to

The Belgian Journal of Zoology is an open access journal that wishes to distribute its papers as widely as possible without additional costs for the readers. Authors will be charged a fee, please contact the editorial office for details:

Copyright statement

All published papers will be put on-line as high resolution PDF’s. Copyright thus remains with the authors. All manuscripts will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines can be found on the About page under Submissions. Please apply them carefully.

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